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Business cards for Businesses and Professionals

We all wonder, do I need still need business cards despite all the technology advancements?
Even though it's quite seemless to be "found" or "reached" through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Emails, Whatsapp, Cell Phones, etc, business cards are being used just as much as they were earlier. When you go to conferences, you see companies giving away free gifts / discounts / coupons / raffles, etc in exchange of business cards, because they do matter. When you meet someone new, like a potential business contact, handing him/her a business card, means there will be a time when that person will take it out of his/her pocket and either keep it, or immediately contact you to exchange notes, and share contact information. 

Yes, we can take advantage of technology, and some creative people are using QR codes on their business cards, that allows people to scan it and get access to whatever information you want to share with them. We use QR codes on our business cards, and often get compliments for it. Our QR code on the business card points users to our about page. This allows us to keep our information updated, even though we can't contact everyone who has our business card and update them on what's going on. Other ways one can use a barcode or QR code on a business card is by sharing all your social property links like Facebook, LinkedIn, Your Web Site, Twitter, Company FB page, etc etc and etc. 

A business card is a 3.5 X 2.5 inch piece of advertisement that you can hand to to anyone, or drop off at any business. We like to keep ours simple, but also have enough information on it, for people to know exactly what we do. Since we are a technology company and offer many services and products, we used hashtags on our double sided business cards to give people an idea of what all do we offer. 

At Rase Solutions Inc, we help you create creative, simple and elegant business cards, that help you get the word out, and leave a lasting impact on your customers. Request a quote for design only or design + print orders.