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Rase Super Affiliate Datafeed Toolkit

Super affiliates and affiliates around the globe are always on the lookout for cutting edge tools that enable them to build high volume content website(s) and blogs to promote their merchants. Most advanced retail merchants offer a product catalog (or datafeed) which is typically a csv or an xml file that contains all the products, along with data relevant to each product like product image, product name, product description, product buy URL, product tracking url, product SKU, product price, product sale price, etc. Most merchants have huge product catalogs with 100K+ products. 

The typical implementation of such a catalog includes importing the datafeed into a database on your server, and then building a website that will fetch, and list all these products to show to the users. Importing a datafeed into a database is a simple process for someone who is comfortable working with databases, but for those who are not that technical use products like Rase Datafeed Importer, which makes the process seemless for the affiliates.

Affiliates then buy traffic from search engines and social media sites, which gives them a certain conversion rate and depending on their cost of advertising / affiliate commisisons helps them determine their ROI (Return on Investment) as well as whether a certain campaign is profitable or not. In the ideal world, affiliates wish that their website(s) would attract organic traffic from search engines instead of them having to shell out a lot of money for advertising. This is achieved when affiliates invest their time, money or both, into getting rich unique content for their website(s) / blog(s), getting them higher ranking on search engines, and a flow of incoming organic traffic.

While the above is true, and sounds pretty simple and straightforward, affiliates face numberous challenges when using product catalogs (data feeds) because of various search engine algorithm logics that either penalize or lower the ranks of website(s) with duplicate content. Duplicate content can refer to redundant content on your own website, or exact content that matches other website(s) on the search engine's index. Since affiliates are not exclusive to merchants (which is the case most of the times) the same product catalog is offered to other affiiates on the network. This means, that for any given merchant, there is a possibility that 10s, 100s or even 1000s of affiliates out there are building website(s) with the same product catalog as you, making it extremely difficult for affiliates to rank their website(s) higher than the competition. 

The Rase Super Affiliate Datafeed Toolkit is a solution for the challenges discussed above. It is designed by keeping affiliates in mind, who would like to walk that extra mile and make their product catalog as unique and different from original as possible. Yes, there is a one time small investment involved to purchase the tools, and a little investment of time, to specify the level of uniqueness required, but once that is done, everything is saved like a macro, and ready to be run at the click of a button. This toolkit is more of a secret toolkit used by some affiliates to earn their bread and butter without sharing it with everyone, but now it is available for anyone, who wants to get that edge over the competition and make profits and commissions by being a successful affiliate or super affiliate.