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Rase Datafeed Importer

Importing a csv | tab delimited data feed or product catalog can be a tedious job when you have huge files to work with and multiple tables on your databases to feed all this content into. There are always mismatched rows somewhere in the feeds that throw errors and cause your imports to fail. Besides that, you always need someone technical who is familiar with database importing, to handle such imports to ensure that no accidental data losses take place, specially on other existing tables which may contain your important data. 

We built the Rase Datafeed Importer to make the import process seamless. It is a tool that you install on your webserver / web site, and once setup, you can import datafeeds and product catalogs from the web interface instead of doing so on the database using phpMyAdmin or plesk interface. This is extremely handy if you have someone who can import the files for you without getting access to your admin consoles, and databases that contain vital and sensitive information. 

The installation process is very straightforward and doesn't take more than a few minutes, but if you are short on time and would like our team to install it for you, we can gladly do that. 

You shall be able to order a copy of Rase Datafeed Importer in a few days as we are upgrading the version at the moment. Feel free to Contact Us, if you have any questions or need the product right away.